The Right Mindset: 10 Tips on How to Reset Your Mind and Mood

Your mood and mental state can have a strong effect on how your day goes and how your day effects you. A few bad moments can turn a good day into a bad one, and ruin your positive attitude for the entire day. And a negative attitude can only create more unhealthy problems. But what can do you to turn your day around when it becomes a drag? While you may not be able to find a solution for all your daily problems, you can find successful ways to deal with even your worst days and shift it in a more positive direction. Take the time to rewind those negative emotions, reset your mind, and turn that bad day into the best one ever!

1. Remember to Breathe

When you’re stressed out or having a bad day, it can help to simply breathe. When you focus on your heartbeat and breathing, it creates an awareness between your mind and body that you have the ability to control. By taking deep breaths, your brain and nervous system receive more oxygen. Slow, deep breaths keep all of the systems in the body in sync, balanced, and calm. Achieving “coherence,” or the use of breathing to achieve this balance, can help reset your mood and improve “mental clarity, focus, emotional stability, and decision making.”

2. Take a Break or a Cat Nap

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? You cannot be successful if you do not know how to get through the hard times. Instead of forcing yourself through the negativity and through the bad day, why not try getting away from it? Sometimes all you need is to be removed from the situation to not only find your calm but also look at the situation with new eyes. Take a 10-minute, silent break or a catnap to get away from it all and reset your mind and mood.

3. Count Your Blessings

When things start to go bad throughout the day, it can be hard to find any positivity. But everyone has positive aspects of their lives and things to be grateful for. When your day starts taking a turn for the worse, forcing yourself to recognize the positivity in your life can help detract from the negativity coming your way. Remember all the things and people that are great in your life and all the things to be grateful for. You can even write them down on a list to keep on hand for whenever you’re needing a pick-me-up.

4. Find a Trustworthy Listener

Sometimes all you need during a bad day or event is to vent to someone who will listen. Use the most trustworthy people in your life as sounding boards. Confide in them about your day, the event(s) in question, and how you’re feeling. Getting all of your negative feelings out into the world can help eliminate a burden within your mind and also provide you with a sound support system for finding the best solution to your problems. The right listener will listen without judgment but also be completely honest with their perspective.

5. Take a Step Back

It can be very hard to control your feelings and emotions because they are yours and no one else’s. When something “bad” happens throughout the day, you see how it affects you and your brain reacts. The next time something happens that may wreck your day, take a step back and look at the situation with new eyes. Try looking at every situation as an outsider looking in. Changing the perspective in a situation can change your “body’s physiological response.” This can help you find answers and reasons, eliminate immediate, negative emotions that you feel when something bad happens, and help you also understand situations from another perspective. 

6. Seek Out Laughter

They say laughter is the best medicine and that old adage may be right to reset your mind and mood. While it may be difficult to put on your best laughing attitude during a bad day, a few giggles can help move your mood to a more positive direction. Positive and negative emotions do not like to share the space within your mind. Very rarely does a person feel equally positive and negative at one time. You can help “push” negativity out of your mind by finding something to laugh about. Find your funniest friend, watch a hilarious video, or tell yourself a few jokes to help keep an upbeat attitude.

7. Change Your Scenery

Negativity is like a contagion. It spreads like wildfire and it can soak up an entire room or building. And when you’re having a bad day, it can seem like there’s negativity everywhere. Instead of staying in the same negative space that is affecting your success and happiness, try walking away from it. Simply changing your scenery, walking away for a few moments, or finding something to do elsewhere can remove you from the negative situation you find yourself in and give you something positive to focus your energy on.

8. Write It Down

It is very important for all people to acknowledge and honor their feelings. Ignoring your emotions does not make them go away and in fact, negativity can build and build until you burst. It is important to remember that negative feelings are normal feelings and are not wrong. Honor the way you feel and find a way to accept and move past it. Sometimes, writing down the negative things you are feeling or the events of your bad day can help you release that negativity elsewhere and also work out problems you may be feeling.

9. Try Meditation

Meditation takes breathing and calmness to a whole new level. When your brain becomes overloaded with negativity or you’re simply having a bad day, it can seem like a cascade of bad occurrences. Meditation is another way to reset your mind and mood. It provides you with an opportunity to step away from the stress, close down your mind, and wipe the slate clean for a fresh start on your day. It helps you control your breathing, let go of unnecessary emotions, and view situations from a new perspective.

10. Send Positivity to Someone Else

We all know how it feels to be down and out. And when you’re having a bad day, it can be hard to remember that other people may be having bad days too. Doing something nice and showing positivity towards another person brings the mind joy. As humans, we seek out positivity in every situation, and providing that for others makes us happy. Try resetting someone else’s bad mood to help you reset your own mind and mood! Helping others find joy can help you find your own.

While there may be no way to eliminate your bad days altogether, the tips you’ve seen here can help you reset your mood on those bad days and make the day as successful as possible! Take a breath, laugh a little, and don’t let a bad day get the best of you!

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