Healing Your Soul by First Understanding It

Healing Your Soul by First Understanding It

Why the Soul is Easily Neglected

Our souls hold a place within our hearts, and this is why the soul is vulnerable. What motivates the soul are the human qualities that are the most sensitive we have. It’s easy to neglect the soul when living in a world where suffering is thought to bring success and later happiness. The more we harden ourselves to live in society, the more we overlook the need to feed, nurture and develop our souls. Your soul is the condition of all the facets that make you who you are.

Without understanding yourself, you can be causing yourself emotional pain by not realizing that you maybe the source of it. Taking care of the soul is less complicated than people realize, but we’re not educated about how to take care of ourselves on an emotional level. We’re taught, instead, that the sensitivity we experience due to our soul’s sensitivity is weak and undesirable. Start studying these four attributes of the soul if you’re ready to jump start your self improvement.


Imagination is powerful, but it has no regard for good or bad imaginings. Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere.” Unfortunately, this capacity can enter unending, negative images into our minds. The further our imaginations go into negative ideas and views, the more our soul accepts our reality as negative and hurtful. We need to build up positive images within ourselves, for our imagination has the unlimited potential to lift us up.

Passion and Desire

The things we strive for the most are those that we sacrifice for; these are things that compel us to make our ambitions or reality. Failing to choose your passions and desires wisely can leave you with ambitions that aren’t aligned to your true self. Seeking the approval of others, for example, might lead you to a state that can be best described as bondage. Not being true to your real passions will bind you to the will of others or to the whims of your insecurities.


What we feel can be both public and private, making the emotions we have hard to manage at times. For example, privately, we don’t want others to think that we’re weak, so we might hide information about ourselves from our own selves. In such cases, we don’t develop our soul because we can’t admit that it needs developing. When your emotions are, instead, tied to the external world around you, you, lacking your true-self, will fall victim to depression or shame.


A lack of creativity is exactly what prisons intend to deprive their inmates of when such offenders are placed into “the infamous whole.” The human being needs stimulus. Be it green trees or crashing waves, the creative mind needs a stimulating outlet to free itself through. Stunting your creative energy can deplete you of passion and hope. Keep your creative power alive by expressing yourself without trying to please the world around you.

Why is Your Soul Desperately Sensitive?

The soul, being a combination of creativity, passion, emotions and imagination, is a hub that your core being interprets life through. Our brains are programmed, similarly, to make us run when we sense fear or stand our ground in opportunity. Without us really thinking about these choices, we have the natural reactions within us, and scientists know that it’s not a matter of consciousness. We respond to the world we live in largely because of how we’re programmed.

Our programming puts the soul in a position where it tries to define our lives, the people in it and the things that happen to us. Our souls are sensitive by design; that design moves us to act, hope and think about ourselves. Now the sensitivity of the soul isn’t a consequence to our health or happiness.Only when the soul has been neglected will it interpret the positive aspects of life as negative. A neglected soul is hypersensitive, foreseeing doom where it doesn’t exist.

Practical Steps to Heal Your Soul

Soul healing starts with a study of how your creativity, emotions, imaginations and passions are unique to you and your situation. Where your soul is lagging in any of these areas is dependent on you, your history and any long-term exposure that you’ve had to abuse. Just don’t put your soul into a box, disabling yourself from seeing how emotions and such relate directly to you. There is no one size fits all, but we do know that you can ultimately heal your soul by:

  • Defining Your Emotions: Emotions can be intimidating when you need to face confusion or frustration head on. It’s important that you be honest with yourself to define which emotions you have. You will then be able to ask yourself about how they got there.
  • Seeking Identity: Some of us lack passion and a real drive in life because we don’t know what to live for. The answer to this question of why lies within us and who we are. The biggest error you can make by not knowing yourself is not knowing what makes you happy.
  • Sharing Appropriately: Creativity is an expressive quality that has to come out of us in some form or another. In the movie Cast Away, the main character ends up relating to a soccer ball named Wilson. His creative drive and the need for acceptance are as necessary in our lives today. Just be cautious as you open up; don’t let the world rob you of creativity.
  • Observing Thought: Imagination has a strong influence over what we don’t know. To rebuild the imagination that’s been neglected, we need to learn to observe our thoughts. To identify the patterns of thoughts we have is to recognize the damaging ideas repeating within ourselves. Remove, avoid and ignore false imaginations and thoughts.

    Don’t let your negative thoughts become your reality.