How to Enjoy Greater Success With the Law of Attraction

Many people who attempted to employ the Law of Attraction get mixed or unsatisfactory results. Part of the reason is that that they often overlook key points as to how the Law of Attraction works. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a different perspective of the Law of Attraction that will hopefully lead you to greater success:

People who are successful in using the Law of Attraction are successful not because they work harder or know more than you do. On the contrary, they are most likely putting less effort than you are. The reason for this is that the Law of Attraction is a natural aspect of our lives. We are attracting experiences into our lives all the time, whether we are conscious of it or not.  What we may not realize is that we often attract into our lives that which was not intended.  What differentiates someone who manifests their desires successfully from the one who attracts the unwanted is the clarity of their intention and their awareness of the role of resistance.

Law of Attraction and Your Subconscious

Many Law of Attraction books, such as the Secret, state all that you have to do is think of something for it to manifest. While there is some truth to this, it is not the entire story. The thoughts that receive most of our attention are not always the thoughts that we want to manifest. A person may want to become financially successful but have a subconscious belief that they do not deserve it. Since this belief is subconscious, they are not aware of it.  Though the belief is subconscious, it will still receive plenty of attention from this person. What causes a belief to become subconscious is our resistance to face it. The resistance to facing this belief is a form of attention. Since the resistance to this belief is stronger than the thought “I want to be rich,” this person will continue to attract scarcity into their life.

The Cause of Resistance

Resistance also can come in the form of doubt. If we cling to our intentions, and have expectations of how they should manifest, then we will begin to doubt ourselves when our experience does not meet expectations.

The following are some guidelines regarding intentions and resistance:

  1. Learn to accept all of your thoughts and feelings without judgment. It means to simply acknowledge that they exist; you need not do anything else. Just your recognition of what you are experiencing will lead to the lowering of your resistance to it.
  2. If you are new to the Law of Attraction, start off with intentions that are believable to you. If you currently earn $50,000 and have the intention that you will increase your income to $100,000, part of you may start doubting that it will really happen. This doubt will prevent you from manifesting your desired salary. Instead, start off with an intention that is believable to you and has no real consequence to you regardless of how things turn out. When you start gaining confidence in your manifesting ability, you can attempt to manifest your bigger intentions.
  3. Learn to connect with your feelings. In truth, your feelings are more reliable than your thoughts when determining if you are experiencing resistance or acceptance of your experience. By cultivating the feelings of acceptance, you will increase your ability to manifest.

Have you been successful at using the Law of Attraction in your life?

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