How to Use the Law of Attraction to Make More Money In Life (This Works!)

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Make More Money In Life (This Works!)

See if the following scenario sounds familiar.  You and your significant other are both working hard, but it seems you’re just getting by.  Every month, you scrimp and save just to have enough to pay for the rent or your mortgage, utilities and food.  You don’t go out as much as you’d like, for dinner or to a movie—and every bill you pay is another reminder that you simply don’t have enough money.

So, what do you do?  Odds are, if you’re like a lot of people, you worry.  Your entire focus seems to be on the fact that there’s not enough money coming in, and much too much going out.  Your dreams of a better life for you and your family are fading fast.  Maybe it’s the dream of starting your own business, or traveling the world, or moving to a better neighborhood.  In short, things look dark, and you just can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.


Much of what we learn teaches us that, by focusing on a problem, we’re more likely to solve it.  Unfortunately, precisely the opposite tends to be the case.  The truth is, when most or all your attention is on a problem (in this case, that lack of wealth), you tend to reinforce the very thinking which caused that problem in the first place.

And this is the paradox which underlies the so-called “law of attraction”—the notion that the thoughts you send out, whether positive or negative, will attract more of whatever it is you’re thinking about.  In other words, thinking continually about a lack of financial resources will virtually guarantee the perpetuation of that condition.

As The Law of Attraction rightly points out, to put it simply, when it comes to characteristic patterns of thought, you will reap what you sow:

“The Law of Attraction dictates that you will receive back exactly what you “vibrate”…that is, what you are FEELING. Where is your attention? Is it on the feelings associated with the problem, or with the feelings of no longer having the problem?  If you approach self-improvement material with the desire to “get rid of the problem”, and if all your feelings are on how terrible or frustrating this “problem” is, Universal Law dictates that you will simply attract MORE of those feelings…more of the circumstances that brought the problem to you in the first place.”


Each of us is unique, with our own unique problems and thought patterns.  That means of course that you need to carefully consider the ways in which using the law of attraction can help your financial situation.

That said, most people will benefit if they think the way other financially successful people think.  To make more money using the law of attraction, in other words, you need to practice the following 3 exercises:


Whatever your financial situation, chances are someone else has it worse.  In fact, most us has have many valuable things we simply take for granted:  a place to live, enough food, schools for our children and loving family and friends. 

As regards the law of attraction, thinking about the things you already have will tend to bring you more of the same.  To put theory into practice, take the time to write down at least 5 things for which you’re genuinely grateful

You need to make this a habit, something you do at the same time every day, such as the moment you wake up or just before you doze off at night.  After you memorialize these thoughts in writing, spend at least 5 or 10 minutes focusing intensely on these blessings.  You’ll be surprised how quickly this simple exercise will improve your mood and make you more optimistic about the future—precisely the attitude you need to open new financial opportunities for you.


One of the most influential psychotherapist of the 20th century, Albert Ellis’s concept of “rational emotive therapy” helped millions of people achieve greater happiness by identifying their negative (and typically irrational) thinking patterns and replacing them with positive, constructive thoughts.  This is similar to the law of attraction idea that replacing negative thoughts with positive ones will increase the likelihood of achieving whatever results you desire—in this case, greater wealth.

Of course, you can’t reverse negative thinking if you don’t make a strong effort to identify (and counter) negative thoughts when they come up.  Make a habit of monitoring your thinking about money.  Whenever a negative thought (such as, “I never have enough money”) comes into your mind, immediately flip it to a positive one (in this instance, to something like, “I’m smart and resourceful, and I know I can find new ways of bringing more money into my life”).


If you really think about it, money is an abstract concept.  Some people, for example, spend an entire lifetime with great wealth that sits in a bank account, never spending it on the things they most value.  Think of Ebenezer Scrooge, who had great wealth, but lived alone in a dark house and ate nothing but hot gruel—this because he didn’t value anything other than the idea of money.

In other words, money is only as valuable as the uses to which it’s put.  To increase the odds of making more money, you need to focus on the things you value.  Specifically, think about all the experiences that had the greatest positive impact on your life. 

You might be surprised to discover that they involved helping (or being helped by) someone else.  Include at least 5 such experiences on a list.  Then ask yourself, “is there a common theme here?”  Whatever that theme is (whether it’s your children, volunteer work or a teacher who changed the direction of your life), you need to begin thinking of greater wealth as a springboard for bringing more of what you value into your life. 


Changing characteristic ways of thinking is never easy, but when you consider how much doing so can improve your life, nothing could be more important.  To succeed—to bring more money into your life, in other words—you need to make a firm commitment to change be dedicated to focusing continually on precisely what you want to achieve.

Begin by realizing that most thinking is habitual, and that changing your thinking means changing your habits.  If you make a diligent effort to focus on the valuable things you already have, stamp out negative thoughts and seek more of what you care about most, you can reach your goal of greater wealth—and greater freedom in your life through using the law of attraction.

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