How to Attract Money and Wealth Using Affirmations

How to Attract Money and Wealth Using Affirmations

Some call them affirmations, others consider it the power of positive thinking, and yet more pursue specific practices and methodologies, all of which are designed to help you attain your goals in life.

One of the most popular and desired abilities to master is learning how to use affirmations to attract money and wealth. After all, with money and wealth, most obstacles in your life instantly become much easier to clear, which then gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want. By aligning your life goals with your money and wealth goals, you end up creating the paradise you dreamed of but were not certain how to attain.

So let’s take a closer look at what it takes to use affirmations to attract money and wealth.

Defining Concrete Goals

To sit in front of a mirror with a serious yet sincere look on your face, repeating “I will attract money and wealth” is unlikely to produce any significant results (except those of discouragement). Even if you harbor a strong belief that you will attract money and wealth, if you have not developed a path to attain this goal it is pretty much like dreaming you will hit the lottery. Yes, if you purchase a lottery ticket you have a chance of winning the top prize, but having a strong belief of winning it does not increase your odds of hitting the jackpot.

Creating a game plan which will successfully map your personal path to money and wealth is your first necessity. This game plan helps you define both money and wealth so you have a clear target to reach.

Defining money and wealth does not need to involve precise financial planning and projections determining values down to the penny. On the other hand, many people say they want more money, but if you give them a dollar, it’s not enough. Also, that extra dollar increases their wealth (by a dollar), but again you can figure those people would not be happy from such a nominal increase.

While you may think everyone would want untold millions in order to feel as if they successfully attracted money and wealth, every person has their own internal meter as to what they believe success to be. Having greater goals when it comes to accumulating money and wealth does not indicate a proclivity towards greed, but perhaps an inclination towards making a greater contribution to society.

Finally, it is important to recognize that money is actually one component of wealth, which is all expanding and includes not only items of monetary value (stocks, bonds, real estate, businesses, etc.), but also encompasses the skills, knowledge, and experience you develop during your journey towards the money and wealth you have personally defined.

This last point is important to keep in mind as you begin your strategy to use affirmations to attract money and wealth.

You are your greatest wealth! Any financial accumulations can be lost through situations beyond your control, but your core skills, knowledge, and experience not only cannot be taken from you but continue to appreciate in value through regular application and practice.

Building Your Strategy

Once you have defined your unique individual goals as to what you want to achieve, you are now ready to build your strategy which will draw your map to success.

A successful strategy will consider and incorporate these factors into the plan:

Time Frame – unlike the movies, television shows, or stage productions, money and wealth do not appear at the end of a one- or two-hour performance; creating a realistic time frame will make your affirmations more credible and likely to produce the result you seek

Time Commitment – if you are working full time and have a family to raise, chances are you have less time to invest in your strategy than a single person living out of their parent’s garage; this is not to say it cannot be achieved, just that practical solutions and plans must be put in place

Monetary Considerations – ideas are free, but often the materials required to turn an inspiration into a product can cost money; without pinning expenses down to the penny, knowing possible costs and when they may be incurred are important pieces of your strategy puzzle

Logistics – some strategies may have date- or location-sensitive needs which must be met and factored in during your strategy-building sessions; for instance, certain deadlines may target a specific date and location, like “New Year 2021 in New York”

Once you have formed your strategy, you’re ready to deploy your plan to use affirmations to attract money and wealth.

Deploying Your Strategy: Use Affirmations to Attract Money and Wealth 

As you can see, in two simple, yet essential, stages, you have created a solid foundation with which to use affirmations to attract money and wealth.

This is the perfect time to explore the process and practice of affirmations. Too many people imagine affirmations to be the simplistic practice where you look yourself in the mirror and “rev yourself up for the world” through generalized, unproven, and insincere affirmations which were pulled from a book or online course on positive thinking (which is too often wishful thinking cloaked in delusion).

It’s time to break that misconception into bits and pieces, brush them into a dustpan, and toss them out for good.

For instance, by following the two crucial stages of defining your goals and building a strategy, you make a huge leap forward in validating your affirmations. You gain a sense of impending excitement and positive action, while your mind becomes more alive and active, because you have honed a clear and logical pathway to attaining those clearly set out goals. 

And, yes, it certainly cannot hurt to develop a verbal litany of clear, specific, and personal affirmations aimed to keep your attention focused on reaching your goals and gaining the satisfaction of learning how to use affirmations to attract money and wealth. Just remember to keep it fresh and current, so you are not simply parroting lines which later lose their impact and inspiration for you.

Also, as you practice and learn how to use affirmations to attract money and wealth, you will discover that those very affirmations, when appropriately and honestly crafted to reflect your goals, will become more than mantras for you: they will also plant seeds which unfailingly sprout new ideas and inspirations, often taking you far beyond your original game plan, while also accomplishing your important goals during the journey.

You will learn that crafting and using affirmations are an essential life skill which is easy to develop and will fast become a valuable lifetime practice.

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