Money is Energy – How to Tap Into the Energy Flow of Money

Money is Energy - How to Tap Into the Energy Flow of Money

In our modern society, money has become a polarizing force. Have too little and you’ll be racked with worry, fear, and guilt. Have too much of it and you may become the subject of scorn as a symbol of greed. It’s quite a conundrum, and the only way to solve it is to shift the paradigm through which you view the acquisition and spending of money in your life. 

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “Happiness is not in the mere possession of money. It lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” If you view money as a simple tool to acquire more stuff, having more of it will never fulfill you. But when you see money for what it really is — the transfer of energy that enables opportunity — you can establish a much clearer picture of the positive force it can play in your life. 

Let’s take a closer look at the ways in which money is less an object to be desired and more a representation of positive energy flowing through your life. Here’s how money is energy and how you can tap more into it.

Money is an energy source that creates opportunities

Money isn’t just a way to buy more things. It’s also a tool. It’s a tool you can use for many purposes (more on those various purposes below). It can allow you to invest more time and money into projects that can enrich your life. These don’t have to be moneymaking projects per se — they can be creative endeavors that help improve your mental health and overall wellbeing. 

In addition, money is energy in the way it helps open up doors. For example, let’s say your industry has a major conference or event you’d like to attend. Money gives you the ability to travel to and from the conference. It gives you the opportunity to attend events within the conference, networking with decision-makers in your industry. It puts you in a position to create more professional opportunities that wouldn’t be available otherwise. 

Money enables movement in your life — movement towards opportunities for self-improvement. 

It’s a support system

It’s easy to focus on having wealth as a representation of greed or excess. But it’s important to remember all the positive ways money can influence your life. It can provide you with personal comfort and security. You can use it to take care of those closest to you. It enables you to pursue experiences that can greatly enrich your life. It’s a vessel of personal freedom. Another way money is energy is that it acts as a support system, creating positive mental energy by removing stressful situations from your life and allowing for more positive ones. 

Look at it as a product of your efforts

Being rich doesn’t equate to happiness. There are many wealthy people who have yet to find contentment through their fortunes. There is any number of existential reasons why money may not translate directly to happiness. But by viewing it through a different spectrum, it may come closer to granting you some kind of fulfillment. 

Money is an energy transfer of the value you provide in whatever way you provide it. This can mean the value you provide your company or as an independent contractor or freelancer. It can represent a service you provided or a product you created. Your hard work and ingenuity are moved from your mind and body into the tangible output of your work. You then receive money as a result of that. See it for what it is and it’s actually a much more remarkable way to look at it: through your efforts, you caused the money to move from a person with a problem to another person (you) with their solution. 

Viewing money this way — not as a commodity you should feel guilty for acquiring, but as the fruit of your efforts — will leave you feeling much more satisfied with the money you earn.

It helps you pursue your passion

Money, in and of itself, is hardly a worthy goal. You may feel security and comfort knowing you have a lot of money in the bank — and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that — but you’ll never achieve the true fulfillment that comes with achieving a goal or milestone you’ve set your sights on. Money can provide you with the energy and the financial fuel needed to pursue what you’re passionate about. The legendary poet Maya Angelou said it best: 

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” 

What does this mean? It may mean having a day job to help you raise funds for the project you pursue. It can also mean monetizing a hobby through a content platform like a podcast or blog. The pursuit of money and the pursuit of happiness don’t have to be different. Look at it this way: money is energy within your creative engine. You can acquire it in one of two ways: 

  • Find out how your passion fills a need for someone else and apply it
  • Have a stable income source that affords you the freedom to pursue your passion

Either way: money is energy that facilitates you chasing your passion or your dream in one way or another. 

Money as an energy source

In conclusion, regarding money as energy is as simple as adjusting the way you view and experience money. It helps you move, learn, and actualize yourself. These aren’t just good things to have in your life, they’re also necessary for growth and improvement. Pursuing activities that help you increase wealth represents an energy transfer bringing you closer to the positive forces you want in your life. The same way a car runs better with gas and a person operates more effectively with food, your passions, dreams, and pursuits will all operate more efficiently if they have money as an energy source to fuel them. 

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