Release the Hold on Painful Memories With the Right Mindset

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What we refer to as the past is but a memory, and memory is thought. The same holds true for the future. What we refer to as the future is also just a thought. Past and future are just thoughts that we have adopted. In fact, time does not even exist. What we know as time is a construct of our minds. In other words, what we perceive as time is just the passing of thoughts. Great personal success can be achieved with the right mindset of no longer allowing ourselves to be victimized by the thoughts of our past.

So why is that we are unable to let go of painful memories? To understand this, we first need to look at the nature of thought. First, there is no such thing as a painful or happy thought. Thoughts are neutral and have no inherent meaning. In fact, the thoughts that we experience are not even our thoughts! Rather, we tap into the collective consciousness and attract thoughts that are conducive to how we are feeling at the moment.  It is us who project meaning onto thought! It is this little-known fact that, having the right mindset of practicing positive thoughts intentionally, can create success in all areas of your life.

The next thing that is important to understand is that the only reason why we are unable to let go of painful thoughts is that we give our attention to them. We only attract those thoughts that we give our attention to. Thoughts not only have no inherent meaning, but they are also powerless. The power that thoughts seemingly have over us is just an illusion. In truth, thoughts derive all of their power from the attention that we give them.

Given this, when we say that we are unable to let go of painful memories, what is actually happening is that we are projecting negative meaning onto a thought and then providing that thought with our continuous attention.  There are no painful memories that refuse to leave us. It is us who are creating them and then holding on to them.  Here is a list of ways that you reclaim your power over your painful memories with the right mindset:

  1. Edit your memories: Whenever you experience a painful memory, you are replaying it as you would a movie. However, you are the one that gave meaning to your movie. Thus, you have to power to edit it. Here are some ideas:
  • Suppose you have a painful memory of what someone said to you. Edit that memory by replay that memory in your mind and make that person the size of a bug and then listen to them making that hurtful statement to you in a tiny squeaky voice.
  • Replay your bad memory fast forward or reverse. In other words, see everything happening at high speed or backward.

Be creative and have fun with this method. If you consistently distort your bad memories, they will eventually lose their negative impact.

  1. Look for the payback: Determine how you are benefiting from holding on to your painful memories. The only reason why you continue to give that memory your attention is because you are gaining something from it. Perhaps you perceive a hidden benefit in feeling hurt, victimized, or angry. After you have identified the hidden benefit, the next step is to explore all the ways that holding on to the memory is creating suffering for you. When your suffering outweighs the hidden benefits, you will no longer offer these memories your attention.  Now that is success!

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